Fine Artist & Sculptor


b. 1986, HK.




Pat’s creation of a fantasy world began as a child growing up on the far end of an island in Maine. She was surrounded by nature and a turn of the century atmosphere. Inspired by fairy tales, Pat began to draw.

Her artistic talents evolved over the years, including formal art education at the Massachusetts College of Art, Marymount College, and Hunter College. Her work gradually progressed from painting to three-dimensional stoneware and remained strong. Finally, they burst out in full force about twenty years ago when her eldest son started playing “Dungeons and Dragons.” There was no turning back.

Pat’s sculptures take the form of animals, warriors, sorcerers, and other figures of the fantasy world. Her basic materials used for the works are crafted from stoneware or porcelain clay. The work is adorned with antique beads, wings, furs, glass, game pieces, shells, and other unusual items that Pat has collected from antique jewelry and clothing.

Her figurative sculptures are usually based on figures renowned in history, serious or whimsical: Henry VIII, the Mona Lisa, and mythological figures. Others are based on real ancestors from 19th century Maine.

Pat lives on an old dairy farm in Northern Maryland. The converted barn serves as a studio and exhibition space. The barn, house, and yard are a fantasy environment. They are filled with old and new mystical creatures of every kind.

Over the years, Pat has been in numerous regional and national juried shows. Noteworthy shows include the following: “Young Americans” and other exhibits at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts, national invitation and regional competitive shows at the Delaware Art Museum, the Washington Art Center, the Wichita National, the Textile Art Center of Chicago, Art Space in Raleigh, N.C., and Olympia and York in New York City. Her figurative sculptures are increasingly the objects of serious collectors. She is currently exhibiting in several hundred galleries and shops coast to coast.